Is a gas fireplace not an option? Then choose an electric fireplace!

| Would you like to enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace in your home but a gas fireplace is not possible? Then we recommend that you to take a look at our collection of electric fireplaces. Striking design, a beautiful flame picture and easily incorporated into any living area. There is a good chance that an electric fireplace is also the right choice for you. We give you five reasons why...

1. A built-in electric fireplace is the perfect combination

Element4’s electric fireplace is perfect for installation. It is just like our other trusted fireplaces but it runs on electricity instead of gas. Moreover, in terms of design and flame picture, the electric fireplace comes close to its gas counterparts. The installation method is almost the same, except that you do not have to install an exhaust. That makes our electric fireplaces suitable for every living situation and every room. Curious? Be inspired by the beautiful images at the bottom of this page and see with your own eyes why a built-in electric fireplace is such a good combination!

2. You can install an electric fireplace in an entertainment cabinet

For many people, combining a fireplace with a TV unit is a dream. However, with a gas fireplace you have to deal with a number of limitations. These do not apply to the electric fireplace. A TV unit and electric fireplace can be perfectly combined with each other. The connections are often already present and you do not have to take into account the exhaust or the (slight) heat coming from the fireplace. Below you see a wonderful example of a TV unit with an electric fireplace, proving that these two can be beautifully combined.

3. Our electric fireplace gives off heat

Looking for an electric fireplace that gives off heat? Even then an Element4 fireplace is the right choice for you! Our fireplace is equipped with built-in heating. Of course, the heat coming from the electric fireplace is not as intense as the heat from a wood-burning stove or gas fireplace, but it can provide extra comfort. Is it warm enough in your room? Then you can easily switch off the heating, so you can decide for yourself whether or not your electric fireplace provides heat.

4. An electric fireplace is an environmentally conscious choice

An electric fireplace is a conscious choice for many people. They want to limit their gas consumption or even live completely gas-free. If you have solar panels or are planning to purchase them, it is also attractive to opt for an electric fireplace. You can use the overcapacity that you build up with solar collectors for additional heating with an electric fire. In this way you also save on gas costs.

In short, an electric fireplace is the choice for you if you:

  • Want to save gas or live gas-free
  • Want to make efficient use of your solar panels
  • Are looking for a sustainable alternative to a gas fireplace

5. An electric fireplace has many practical advantages

An important advantage of an electric fireplace is that it does not require a flue. Moreover, you do not need to install an (extra) gas pipe where the fireplace is to be installed. The fireplaces are easy to assemble and only use electricity. You can switch on the fireplace with the push of a button. An Element4 electric fireplace is supplied as standard with a heating function of 1 or 2 kW. This is therefore very suitable as an additional heater. Do you only want a decorative fireplace? Then you can also switch the heating function off completely. In the atmospheric mode, this type of built-in fireplace consumes around 10 to 60 watts. That amounts to only 0.03 cents per hour.

Are you convinced of the benefits of our electric fireplaces? Check with a dealer in your area!

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