Two Electric Element4 Newcomers!

| We certainly haven’t been sitting still lately! Again, we have expanded our collection with two highly stylish newcomers; the brand-new electric fireplace 240 E and the Club 240 E. Two outstanding fireplaces, both with a beautiful design. Curious? Find out here what exactly makes these two new models so special...

A sizeable fireplace

Are you looking for an impressive electric fireplace that combines a stylish design with a generous size? Then you’ll certainly be excited about these Element4 newcomers! The new 240 E and Club 240 E fireplaces are characterised by their generous size and rich flame patterns. True eye-catchers!


240 E

    • Width: 240 cm.
    • Heat outputs: 0,75 - 1,5 kW
    • Standard non-reflecting glass

    Club 240 E

    • Width: 240 cm.
    • Heat outputs: 1,5 kW
    • Standard non-reflecting glass
    • Seven colour patterns
    • Fire pattern can be customized to meet your taste

The Club 240 E: for the homeowner looking for the best possible experience!

Are you looking for that little bit extra in fireplace enjoyment? If so, the new Club 240 E model might just be the fireplace for you. This attractive newcomer is part of our Electric Club Series. With a width of 240 cm, this fireplace has an impressive presence in any space. The fireplace has a stylish design and a particularly realistic fire pattern. With the defining unique features of the Electric Club Series, this fireplace offers:

    • 7 different colour patterns
    • Completely adjustable flame effects
    • Completely adjustable bottom lighting
    • Controlled over Wi-Fi (app), Google Home or Alexa

With this remarkable electric fireplace, you can create the right atmosphere for any occasion!

Curious to find out more about our exciting newcomers? If so, make sure to browse our collection for more information, or visit an Element4 dealer near you!

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Two more surprising newcomers to Element4!

Two more surprising newcomers to Element4!

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