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Are you longing for a crackling fire in your interior? Then why not choose a modern gas fireplace from Element4? An atmospheric and realistic fire that you can install almost anywhere in your interior. Even in combination with your TV. Want to know more? Here are three reasons to choose a modern gas fireplace from Element4!

1.The most realistic looking gas fireplace

Choosing an Element4 gas fireplace? Then you are assured of the most realistic looking gas fireplace. Our special LED light fire bed of the Real Flame Burner provides a lifelike effect in the burner bed. In combination with the lifelike wood logs which really seem to glow and the effect of hot ashes in the burner bed, a magnificent wood fire is created. Moreover, our gas fires always create an atmospheric flame picture, regardless of the power at which the gas fire is running. This way you can enjoy a beautiful fire at any time, even with the lowest possible gas consumption. In other words, create the 'real fireplace feeling' with the most realistic looking gas fireplace from Element4!

2.Plenty of installation option thanks to the smart Powerfan technology

Not sure if a gas fire is possible in your home? Chances are, it is possible. At Element4 we work with the so-called 'Powerfan' technique. This clever solution can create a diversion of no less than 36 metres within the flue and regulates the correct settings for the supply and removal of air itself. This allows you to install a gas fire in practically any place in your home. And even if you have limited space available, it is no problem; our fireplaces have a built-in depth from only 25 cm!

3.No trouble installing your modern gas fire with tv above it

Do you want to combine your modern gas fireplace with a TV above it, but are not sure whether this is possible? No worries. There are various possibilities for installing your modern gas fireplace with a TV above it. For instance, you can choose to place your TV in a niche. A niche prevents the heat from the fireplace hitting the TV. When using a niche, we recommend the following distance:

- A distance of 300 mm. between the niche and the TV.

- A distance of 100 mm. between the TV and the bottom of the niche.

Would you prefer not to have a niche, but do want a modern gas fireplace with a TV above it? Then we advise you to choose a horizontal fireplace and build it in deep. This will ensure that the radiant heat from the fireplace has less chance of reaching the TV!

More information about installing a modern gas fireplace from Element4? Your nearest dealer will be happy to provide you with customised advice. Would you like to view our collection in the meantime? Then simply click on the button below and find the modern gas fireplace of your dreams!

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