Club Roomdivider

Use your gas fire as room divider and create a trendy and stylish partition between two different rooms. Thanks to the high glass pane you have a beautiful view of the realistic fire from multiple positions and enjoy the warmth in both rooms. You can apply the room divider floating, but also in a wall. Get acquainted with our versatile collection of room dividers and be inspired by the atmospheric images!

Element4 Gas fire as Room divider
A gas fire as room divider is the way to create a natural and at the same time atmospheric separation within your room. At Element4 you will find different models that act as room divider, each and every one of them with their own unique features. For example, do you opt for a double burner or a single burner? And do you prefer a glowing logs, white carrara pebbles or gray stones? The possibilities are endless. Some gas fires have a flue outlet on the side, which provides great installation options. In addition, you can install the fireplace in this way 'freely floating'. With a gas fireplace as a room divider, you can arrange your room to your liking and enjoy a beautiful flames.

Curious about our different versions? Get acquainted with our room dividers below!

Club Roomdivider
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