Club Front

A fronhaard has one glass plate on the front side. This type of fireplace can be used in many ways and offers a magnificent view of the fire at the front. You can perfectly apply the fronard in a mantelpiece, both in a classic and modern interior. The fronts of Element4 are available in different styles and designs. And the special thing is that you can already place a forehead with an installation depth of only 25 centimeters. Be inspired by our collection and find out which type of hearth suits you.

Fronhards with style
Fronhaarden are basically a closed gas fire with only the front glass. That does not mean that every fronard is the same. During your search for a forehead you will probably soon discover that there is a great variety of styles. Our collection of hearths is characterized by a contemporary look and strong sense of design. Not for nothing is Element4 loved by architects and interior designers all over the world. You can find our stylish fronts in all of hotels, companies and living rooms in London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and just at your corner. The variation in sizes and designs is great with us, so you will always find a forehead that fits your interior!

Also interested in such a stylish fireplace? View our collection of club fronts below!

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