Element4 products satisfy the highest quality requirements. Every heater is subject to a large number of precise checks before it leaves the factory. The warranty period on the system's components is two years.

It may nonetheless happen that something is not in order with your fireplace. Contact your dealer or installer in that case, your installer or dealer will mostly resolve the problem for you. Glass breakage or damage is excluded from the warranty.

In this regard, your supplier may fall back on Element4 for advice or subsequent delivery of components (under warranty). He can use our services if there are problems herewith. One of our assemblers will then come to you to remedy the problem. If the system is still under warranty, installed and used as per regulations, this is naturally free of charge.

Use our contact form if you have questions about our products or services. We will do our utmost to answer your questions as quickly and completely as possible.

Customer service: +31 (0)38 420 90 20