Quad Burner

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This week the Dutch gas fire manufacturer Element4 announced the launch of a sensational new product. The brand, known for its trendy designer fires has developed a new system in which the flames of the gas fire are completely adjustable. The user now has total control over the flame pattern and room temperature – something unique to Element 4.

You Choose how many flames and the heat output

Element4 Quad burners have as many as five separate burners so the end user can determine how he/she  wants it to burn. According to Jan Kempers of Element4, “this is a truly innovative burner in the world of gas fires. No other system can do this. If you turn on all five burners, you get an impressive flame effect over the entire width of the fire. This provides a massive amount of heat and looks like no other gas fire. On the other hand, if you require less heat the customer can switch to either one or three burners and reduce the flame picture and heat output accordingly.”

Child’s Play

There are five separate burners which can be combined in four different ways allowing the consumer to control the heat output, the flame effect and the ambience. So from full flames on all five burners and a great heat output, to give that cosy feel to a room, or down to just one burner for a fantastic focal point in any room. As Jan says “ this is our most controllable fire todate and extremely easy to use too.”

The Quad burner is available in all 140 engines of Element4’s products including the Bidore, Lucius, Modore and Trisore giving a range of output from 2.0kW to 15.0kW

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