Element4 in London

London is one of Europe’s biggest cities. A popular city that is bubbling with enthusiasm by day as by night and has a versatile street scape.  A place known for its black cabs, Piccadilly Circus, delicious ‘English Tea’ and attractive Tower Bridge. A world city by format, where Element4 gas fires can be found at a whole many locations. And we hope to sneakily take over all of London with out stylish fireplaces...


Stonewoods is a company in London specialised in delivering and installing gas fires, wood fires, fireplace accessories and exhaust gas technology.
Stonewoods has already been working for more than 20 years from the former church on Armoury Way in Wandsworth to be able to provide London with the best fireplaces. The fantastic showroom consists of 3 floors spread over 2 buildings of a former convent school and chapel. There is more than adequate parking space immediately near the showroom.


Customer service: +31 (0)38 420 90 20