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4 tips for flueing of a gas fireplace 

Plus a great bonus tip by Element4!

If you’ve decided to install a gas fireplace, you’re sure to ask yourself: What to do with the fireplace flue? It’s vital to install a proper and safe gas fireplace flue, so you’ll never have to worry about fire or smoke hazards. This blog offers 4 indispensable tips for a safe flue system, and we’ll even share a clever bonus tip!

Tip 1: Make sure that the gas fireplace flue is installed using the prescribed materials.
A correct flue pipe is vital for the proper functioning of a fireplace. In general, you’ll have to consider the following during the installation of a gas fireplace:

  • Material selection, for the heat resistance
  • Diameter, because of the oxygen supply
  • Design, for the proper resistance in the pipe

If you’ve opted for an Element4 gas fireplace, your fireplace will have been tested and certified for four to five different brands of flue pipes. It is of the utmost importance that you use one of these brands. Most complaints about gas fireplaces can be traced to improperly executed flue pipes. These complaints include issues such as small flames, soot deposits, and pilot flames that are extinguished. Your nearest dealership will be happy to explain to your how a properly installed gas fireplace flue will help prevent such issues.

Tip 2: Ask an expert technician to plot and install the course of the gas fireplace flue.Gas fireplaces allow for some horizontal stretches of flue piping. The maximal length of the horizontal stretch depends greatly on the shape and the power of the fireplace. Moreover, the maximal horizontal stretch is always proportional to the vertical stretch of piping, which is why it is essential that you ask an expert technician to plot the course of the flue pipe based on the manufacturer instructions.

Tip 3: Make sure that the flue pipe has fireproof sleeving.
Smoke gas can reach temperatures of up to 500°C. Since wood can start igniting at a mere 85°C, it is absolutely essential to observe all fire safety instructions. That is why we recommend that the flue pipe be fitted with a fireproof sleeve. Please make sure that this sleeve is also properly ventilated. Our dealers will be able to provide you with all necessary information and can install the sleeving at your location.

Tip 4: Consider the flue pipe outlet.There are certain installation regulations regarding the outlet of gas fireplace flues. Some of these regulations are primarily geared toward guaranteeing the proper functioning of the flue, while others focus on preventing any nuisance to adjacent buildings. These regulations depend significantly on your individual living situation, the location of the gas fireplace, and the type of fireplace you purchased. Your nearest dealership will be happy to assess your specific situation and will be able to inform you in detail about the regulations relevant to you.

Bonus tip: Installing the gas fireplace flue in a tricky spot!
Do you want to install the gas fireplace flue in a spot that is less than conventional? At Element4, we have developed a practical solution! With the Powerfan system, you can install your gas fireplace virtually anywhere you like. The flue has a potential stretch of up to 36 metres and even an underground route. The Powerfan system fan creates an automatically fine-tuned partial vacuum within the flue pipe, making sure that the smoke gas is safely discharged over these long distances. Our Powerfan system is unique within the gas fireplace market and it has benefitted many people who wanted to install their gas fireplace in an unconventional spot.

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