Domotics around the House

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Domotics is a key area of development in the world of lifestyle & living. More and more devices and appliances around the house can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. But what exactly is domotics, what possibilities does it offer, and what is Element4 doing with this new trend?

What is domotics?

Domotics is also known as home automation. The term stems from Latin, with the first part derived from the word domus (house or home) and the last part derived from informatics, telematics and robotics. The word therefore literally means ‘automating processes around the house’. Domotics is not just applied in private residences but also finds application in commercial buildings, offices, and healthcare institutions. Using domotics, daily life gets just that little bit easier.

What can domotics do for me?

You can use domotics to control all kinds of devices and components in your home or your company premises. The possibilities among others include:

  • Lighting
  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Pond pomp
  • Garage door
  • Heating

You can for instance program the lights to turn on when you enter a room, or automatically close the drapes when it gets dark. These kinds of features are very convenient and they’re energy-efficient! In most cases, domotics around the house is used in combination with a smartphone. There are new iOS and Android apps added all to time to make the operating possibilities more extensive and more user-friendly.

Domotics around the house & Element4

Domotics can also be used to adjust the heating. Generally, people use domotics to control their central heating system, but now there are also options to operate your Element4 gas fireplace! Domotics offers you the possibility to turn the gas fireplace on or off, to increase or lower the fire, and to operate the double burner. Installing the system is easy: connect an Element4 domotics cable to your fireplace’s receiver, and use the cable to integrate the fireplace with your domotics system.

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