Club Tunnel

A see-through fireplace or tunnel fire is a real eye-catcher within your interior. You place this type of fireplace in a wall or wall, where the fire is visible on both sides. This creates a special spatial effect. Moreover, a tunnel fire creates an open connection between two rooms and ensures that you can enjoy an atmospheric fire in two places at the same time. This unique combination makes see-through fireplaces exceptionally exclusive.

Tunnel fireplaces from Dutch soil
The tunnel fireplaces of Element4 are a 100% Dutch product. This is reflected in a beautiful tight finish and features 'Dutch Design'. Our tunnels are popular all over the world and can be seen in numerous living rooms, office complexes, hotels and restaurants. Our dealers are located in cities such as London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, but also in smaller cities. A tunnel fire from Element4 is the perfect atmosphere maker in a modern and trendy interior and ensures 'connection' in your home.

Curious about our collection of tunnel fireplaces? Click on one of the models below and find the tunnel fire that suits you!

Club Tunnel
Club 140 T
Club 240 T
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